To Have Bangs or Not to Have Bangs…That is the Question

I am frequently asked, “Could I do bangs?” The answer is simply yes! Now what kind of bangs and how much upkeep or styling they will be is a whole other story! Many times people are looking for a change but don’t want to do something super radical like going short or drastically changing their color. Sometimes bangs can be a fun solution. When contemplating bangs here are some things to consider.

What kind of bangs do you want? There are lots of different types of bangs….side swept, blunt, wispy, bowed, long, short etc. That is why I can say anyone can have bangs of some type. There are a lot of factors that goes into what type of bangs you should have.

What is your hair texture? Curly, wavy, or straight? If you have a lot of curl or wave to your hair keep in mind bangs will require more  styling time to straighten them. You may want to try a thicker bang that will help weigh them down and keep them straight. Also a thicker bang will help when you have cowlicks on your hairline to keep them from popping up. If you have pin straight hair it may be difficult for you to get and keep the right amount of bend for a side swept bang.

What is your hair density? Is it thick or thin? Sometimes people get confused on this. This is how much hair you have not the thickness of each hair. If you have thin hair meaning you don’t have very much of it, you will either have to do a thin wispy bang or start them further back on your head to get a fuller look. It may be hard for you to get blunt bang look without adding a lot of hair to them. Another thing to consider is if it’s thinner just above your temples it may be difficult to get that deep part  swept look since you do not have much hair to pull from there.

How big is your forehead? Sometimes when you have a longer or shorter forehead bangs can help diminish this or accentuate it. When your forehead is taller and you have fine hair it will be difficult to have the look of thick bangs. In order to do this you would have to start your bangs too far back from the hairline making the forehead appear even longer. If you have a short forehead a deeper bang will actually help it to appear longer under the bang. It’s all an optical illusion, make it work in your favor!

How committed are you? If you are nervous you may want to start with a long bang or a few wispy bangs that are easier to grow out if you change your mind. You can always add more or go shorter but its harder to grow them back in.

How long should long bangs or side swept bangs be? Usually you want to either go to your eye brow level when swept to the side or below your eye right about the top of your cheek and below. Anything in between is going to go right in your eye and drive you crazy.

A few more suggestions for styling your new bangs. Dry or style them right away. Don’t let them dry too much on their own or you’ll be fighting hard to get that natural texture back out. Don’t be afraid to re-wet them if you didn’t get to them right away. Add a little of your favorite styling product something with a little hold before you style to keep all your hard work for longer. Your best results will be little to no brush. Hold your blow dryer vertically above your bangs blowing them down over your forehead. That way they form to the shape of your forehead. If they still need some smoothing you can use the round brush but try to put as little bend in them as possible. If side swept, dry them down but then while they are still hot push them to the side. Also if you want a deep side swept bang, part your hair at an angle. Start it farther over on your forehead than your normal part  and then as it goes back bring it to the center. That way you are getting that swept across look without looking like a comb over! To finish off I recommend an aerosol hairspray so it doesn’t wet the hair too much or make it clumpy!

Wrinkles? Bangs are cheaper, easier, and less painful than Botox!

My final suggestion….DO NOT attempt this at home! Please let a licensed professional do this for you! Better yet come see me and I will help you!

I hope this cleared up at least a few of your bang concerns. If you have any more specific question feel free to comment or ask below!

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